Heavy Sessions BOTBs Metal Edition 08/06/2024

Published on 9 June 2024 at 12:00

Last night, four local bands came to square off in a head-to-head battle in order to prove who makes it into the next round of the Downcast Studios Battle of the Bands, and what a time was had! Fans got to experience an array of different types of metal sounds along with inflatable Seagull's, so what is not to like?

By Stephen Cummings (BeardBo)

(Image: © Stephen Cummings)


Ovulating Cadaver got on stage, silence lingering momentarily. And as soon as they started playing, it was evident that the crowd would be in for a show, for starters. Opening with those first chords of their signature sound, the echoes of slam resonated throughout the venue, setting things up for an intense, aggressive night of music. But it was the titles of the songs that garnered the most attention. Tracks like \"Scorpion Bukkake Party\" just had the crowd cracking up, both in its disarming nerve as much as its creativity. It was evident that Ovulating Cadaver was a band not afraid to really push the buttons and trailblaze. And then, to make it even more over the top, the inflatables of seagulls arrived into the crowd. It was an oddly fitting scene going on stage, but with the insanity of the band, something tells me it fit quite well, as the crowd erupted into cheers and applause over the seagull floating above the band. Its awkward movements added to the sense of chaos that had set back in.


And with that, the Brothers of Destruction took the stage amidst great waves of nostalgia. With their classic metal riffs, masterfully sprinkled with a healthy dose of Motorhead's irreverent spirit, the band kept the crowd to the golden days of metal. But something about them riled up those chuckles inside; the humor they brought along with every performance transcended all.

They were masters of the stage, combining a magnetic stage presence with that electrifying energy, sending charisma rolling off of each member. Their vocals hit every note perfectly, the eerie harmonies riding high above the din of the guitars as if propelled by the spirit of some long-dead apparition rising from the grave. The rhythm section laid the backbone for the shredding guitars of the brothers, and all that was left was myself breathless and pleading for more.

The drummer pounded out the beats, the rhythm filled the arena, and the crowd moved and grooved all night long. Essentially, it was a show that every bit of the Brothers of Destruction's performance led to, hence serving as a canvas from where every detail of the show would identically be etched into the audience's memories.



With the crowd still panting from the energetic performance by Ovulating Cadaver & Brothers of Destruction, Graviter jumped at the stage with their heavy music. Inaudibly, the band was able to concoct a magical blending of hardcore, groove metal, and breakdowns

The moment the band launched into their set, it was clear that they had won over the crowd. The mosh pit was a whirlwind of activity, with fans of all ages and backgrounds united in their love for the music. The breakdowns were particularly effective, with the crowd surging forward as one sent by the band's crushing rhythms and pummelling drums.

Once the night wore on, Graviter's setlist pulled from a deep well not just of fan favourites, but newer material as well. It was totally clear that they were riding their skills and that their music passion had only become stronger after so many years.



A lot more bands continued to perform with their individual style and sound in front of the crowd as the night just got deeper. As the night was going to end, one band made this utterly brain-bending and mind-boggling experience for the people. Erebor is a progressive tech-death metal band that took the stage and made you think hard.

Their music worked with complex, intricate time signatures, polyrhythms, and melodies that soared. Every song took you through a maze of sonic landscapes, with each member showcasing their incredible technical skill and musicianship. The guitars whirled in a blur of lightning-fast arpeggios and dissonant harmonies, while the bass thumped and grooved with a relentless intensity. The drums were a maelstrom of exactitude and power, each hit of the cymbals and beat of the snare like those things that were impossible to do.

But it was the vocals that truly stole the show. The range of the singer was just epic, soaring from low growls to high-pitched screams and everything in between. His delivery was impassioned and emotive, conveying a sense of urgency and intensity that drew the crowd in and refused to let go




So at the end of it all, two bands from this round will move further ahead, and unfortunately, Graviter and Brothers of Destruction will have to stop playing for the moment. However, Ovulating Cadaver and Erebor have already set off to an awesome start, and we simply can't wait to see what they both bring to the table next time around.


All in all, yesterday's battle of the bands was just terrific, and we already can't wait to see the next one. Hats off to all four bands for a completely jaw-dropping display of metal skills.



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