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Published on 30 April 2024 at 18:30

Kilonova showed why they're the powerhouse that they are as their stage presence and timing were pin point accurate.

By Shaun Payne

(Image: © Bri.Focals )

(Image: © Bri.Focals )


April 20th 2024

It had been a while since Kilonova had played in their hometown of Newcastle and by the looks of the crowd everyone had been waiting for their big return!


I've seen both kilonova and Flatline on multiple occasions and I’m not going to hide the fact they are some of my favourite local bands and with the addition of Culturist having their debut show, I was going into this one with nothing but excitement.

The 100-cap venue sold out just hours before the doors were due to open and some people unfortunately missed an amazing night being turned away at the door.


Before any of the bands had even taken to the stage the room had started to flood with bodies and everyone was raring to go as Culturist took to the stage and to say they were ready for it is an understatement.

From the opening note the energy was high and you’d have thought these guys had been going for years with heavy hitting riffs and complex lyrical flows they didn't miss a beat and had the crowd headbaning and moshing in minutes. Keep your eyes out for these guys as I see a bright future.

Next up Middlesboroughs own metalcore titans Flatline took to the stage with their mix of electronic backing tracks, groovy riffs and an onstage presence that shows you everything they stand for.


They kicked off their set instantly getting the crowd pumped and moshing, playing some of their hardest hitters to match the energy of the night they had the crowd in the palm of their hands with tracks such as “Leave me to rot” and “Break the cycle”.

A massive shout out to Joe Hall who is the latest addition to the band for learning the Flatline set in a short time and smashing it out the park. This set just shows why they’re off to play the Download takeover on June 12th this year!


(Image: © Bri.Focals )

And then it was time for the headliners, the one and only Kilonova!

The crowd piled back in as the band kicked off with a monstrous Rawr and the room exploded, from start to finish the band's mix of Melodic harmony and crushing riffs had the room engulfed with energy.


Kilonova showed why they're the powerhouse that they are as their stage presence and timing were pin point accurate.

The band surprised the crowd with 2 new singles “Gatekeeper” and “Grieve for the living” which will be released over the next 2 months!


Overall this was a brilliant show and I was very glad to witness it

Thank you to all 3 bands for playing amazing sets and for an awesome night!

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