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Welcome to GH/UK, your ultimate destination for rock, metal and extreme music of all variations. GH/UK was unleashed on the world in August of 2023. It’s purpose is to cater to lovers of the heaviest, darkest and most atmospheric music known to man. The GH/UK crew explore the deepest corners of the UK and Global music scene to bring you reviews of the latest releases in the metal and rock world as well as gig reviews, interviews and live-streaming.


GH/UK is dedicated to showcasing the immense amount of rising talent in the scene, many that are overlooked or passed over by the larger ‘Heavy’ media outlets for more mainstream material.

You won’t find any stories about Corey Taylor’s favourite breakfast cereal on this website, nor will you find any gates being kept. You will, however, find interviews and reviews of the best new and up-and-coming bands and in-depth analysis of the latest trends in rock and metal. We aim to establish that there is much more to the genre than denim vests, aggressive guitar riffs and screaming.


GH/UK believes that even though the perception of extreme music has moved beyond the basic ‘devil worshipping troglodytes’ that graced papers and news programs through the 80’s, there are still many negative stereotypes around our beloved culture. We aim to change that by showcasing the vast depth of the culture that surrounds heavy music.


Whether you be a seasoned afficionado of all things rock and metal or just starting your journey, welcome! Thank you for visiting and all that remains is to ask yourself the question:


Are you ready to Get Heavy?