Cerebral Scar @ Trillians Rock Bar Newcatle 28/05/2024

Published on 10 June 2024 at 21:00

Cerebral Scar return to Newcastle to bring a dose of Thrash to Trillians Rock Bar

By Gillian Charlton 

(Image: © Gillian Charlton)

Cerebral Scar was founded in 2014 in Northampton by Lee "Chopper" Mason and Mark the original vocalist. Stu Songhurst Drummer C. J. Porter and Rhys "Duke" Kelly guitars joined soon after. Meathook Mike joined in 2021 as the new vocalist.
As a band they have many years experience under there belts.

2023 saw Cerebral Scar making a special guest appearance at the Nominated Unearthed Music Awards as Best Underground Festival Get Heavy Fest in Gateshead Tyne and Wear.

Follow the Liar followed and was released April 2024.


(Image: © Gillian Charlton)


May 28th 2024 saw Cerebral Scar at Trillians in Newcastle upon Tyne.
And boy they did not disappoint the energy in the room was amazing.
The vocals were strong and the gutheral growls are like a story being told leaving you wanting more. The signature riffs of the guitars draw you in time and time again. The backing vocals were strong and clear. The drums and bass cement everything together. The crowd soaked up the atmosphere and were enthusiastic and there was plenty of interaction with the band. A must see band who's stage presence and performance should not be missed.

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