Bright Black - Close to the Edge (Single)

Published on 26 June 2024 at 08:00

Heavy on Emotion, Brutal on Impact:

By Stephen Cummings (BeardBo)

(Image: © Bright Black)

Based in Coventry, West Midlands, Alt-Hard rockers Bright Black will be unleashing their brand new single "Close to the Edge" this coming June 28th. This will attack all senses with catchy riffs, infectious grooves, and face-melting guitar solo spots—leaving any listener breathless.


What really sets "Close to the Edge" apart from most hard-hitting rock tracks is its emotional depth. The lead vocalist is Talitha, whose powerful and high-flying vocals feel vulnerable and authentic—a pouring-out of her heart into the performance. Crackling with raw emotion and lyrics that hint at a deeply personal experience by the band, listeners are conveniently placed in a position wherein they find it easy to connect.


(Image: © Light Focus)

The outcome is a heavy-hitting track, at the same time deeply affecting. "Close to the Edge" makes a great case for how hard rock is able to be not only cathartic but wearing its heart on its sleeve—something that can quitely converse with the soul, leaving a lasting impression long after the music fades.


With its heavy instrumentation, emotional vocals, and thought-provoking lyrics that are deliciously mouth-watering, "Close to the Edge" is a must-listen for fans of alt-hard rock and really anybody looking for music that speaks to their soul. So, circle your calendars for June 28th and get ready to turn it up to eleven as Bright Black brings hard hitting track with "Close to the Edge".


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