Kilonova - Grieve for the Living ( Single )

Published on 10 June 2024 at 14:00

"Grieve for the Living" isn't just about brute force. The clean vocals add a new dimension to Kilonova's sound, injecting a melancholic beauty that perfectly complements the song's lyrical themes

By Stephen Cummings (BeardBo)

(Image: © Kilonova)


Continuing off a whirlwind of a year in 2023 that saw them conquer stages across the UK, including support slots for Gama Bomb, Nominated for best metal song of 2023 via Metal Hammer and now in 2024 Supporting Crypta, Raised By Owls and more, even Headlining our own Get Heavy Festival in August, Alt-Thrash outfit Kilonova returns with \"Grieve for the Living.\" This new single represents a subtle shift in the sound of the band, bringing a powerful amount of groove alongside hauntingly beautiful clean vocals of the frontwoman Ellen.


Longtime Kilonova fans have a lot of neck work to look forward to, with this track being one for the purists to bang their heads to. Still very much pushing their take-no-prisoners thrash attack, there's an element of newfound swagger about the song. Crushing riffs weave punch and groove into a tapestry of urgency, whilst the rhythm section finds a foundation which is both sinew-tight and danceable. This is a track which demands movement—be that in a headbanging haze or in a swirling pool of participants moshing.



But it's not just about brute force—\"Grieve for the Living\" sees Ellen's clean vocal delivery add a whole new layer to the band's sound, introducing a melancholic beauty which intertwines perfectly with the lyrical themes. The relatable, personal vulnerability hinted at with this track will add further layers of intrigue.


With \"Grieve for the Living,\" Kilonova have shown they are not ones to stand still. The song manages, with almost uncanny ease, to blend together their thrash credentials with a fresh lump of groove and melodic sensibilities. A statement of further growth for the band and further things to come. \"Grieve for the Living\" is a must-hear for established die-hard Kilonova fans, just as it is for the novice Alt-Thrash enthusiast.


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