Disloyal - Divine Miasmata ( Album )

Published on 1 June 2024 at 00:00

Disloyal have a distinctive tone that you don’t usually find with death metal bands

By Ed (MetalEd666)

(Image: © Disloyal)

July 12th will be the the 5th full album release by Polish death metal band Disloyal. Divine Miasmata brings you 9 new songs composed by Artyom Serdyuk, except from Intro, which was composed by Konstantin Kolesnikov. All lyrics were written by Wojciech Mytnik.

“Ravens of Starvation” is a song that is based on a poem written by Diana Suhova.
The Black Pope, the album's first single has already been released along with a music video that you can find here

Disloyal will be touring in July with an album release tour. So if you are in or local to Poland during July, be sure to catch them and witness the melodic brutal sound for yourself, live.


Disloyal have a distinctive tone that you don’t usually find with death metal bands. When comparing them to other death metal bands you could definitely hear the difference in tones used. A lot of death metal bands have a deeper, darker tone, whereas Disloyal have a tighter sound, whilst still sounding dark and deep in my opinion.
I found myself enjoying them and tapping along to their music. I would definitely go out of my way to listen to them and would love to see them in the UK as a support band for some of the bigger bands.
I will be adding them to my spotify and definitely think that you should as well, or your music streaming platform of choice, if you like death metal. They have the potential to go big with the music they have produced.

My highlights of this album are;

- Intro track “Divine Miasmata” that was a fantastic track that set the scene for the rest of the album that merges into the first song “Silent Revolution”

- Fantastic riffage throughout all the songs


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