Steel Mage - God of Heresy - Single

Published on 26 August 2023 at 12:00

"Feeding off my Fear and Anxiety"

By Stephen Cummings (BeardBo & GHUK)

(Image: © Steel Mage)

Steel Mage, Hailing from the Steel city of Sheffield is a Melodic Deathcore band, their music is a powerful blend of melodic and heavy sounds, drawing inspiration from the rich musical heritage of Sheffield. Their dynamic style incorporates elements of Deathcore, Metalcore and Melodic Death Metal, resulting in an intense and captivating listening experience


Steel Mage recently dropped their latest single, "God of Heresy," on August 25th, 2024. The track is a brutal masterpiece.

The music fills the room, engulfing me in its dark and heavy sound. It's as if the nightmarish riffs and insanity drumming are alive, feeding off my fear and anxiety. I can feel my heart rate rising with every beat, as if the music is taking control of my mind.


As I listen, I can't help but imagine the twisted and terrifying things that could be lurking in the dark corners of my mind. It's as if the music is pulling those fears to the surface, forcing me to confront them head-on.


Despite the darkness of the music, there's also a sense of power and energy that's impossible to ignore. The driving force of the riffs and drums is like a surge of adrenaline, pushing me to the limit and beyond.


If there's one thing this music teaches me, it's that there's power in darkness. That embracing our fears and anxieties can lead to a sense of strength and empowerment that we might not have otherwise discovered. So I let the music take me, pushing me to the edge and beyond, knowing that I'll come out the other side stronger for it.


In summary, the music's nightmarish riffs and insanity drumming evoke fear and anxiety while also providing a surge of energy and power. It encourages listeners to confront their inner demons and embrace the darkness to find strength and empowerment.


"God of Heresy " has just entered my top 10 songs of 2023

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