Hounds - "We burn our Bridges" (Single)

Published on 4 August 2023 at 19:00

"Unstoppable Force"

By: Krispy H (Spiderbaby)

 Hounds "we burn our bridges", single review


FFO -Year of the knife, thy art is murder, left to suffer


I've been given the honor of hearing the the new Hounds track 'we burn our bridges' which is released this Friday. 

With a strong new line up the lads have been working hard perfecting their sound and have strayed from their usual hardcore sound to a more  brutal deathcore. 


New vocalist Thomas Jones brings a new sound to hounds with lyrics we can all relate to and his harsh vocals that could summon the devil himself alongside tasty fight riffs from Scott McLean and Mike Smith that make you wanna square up to the biggest man in the room, bouncy basslines from the one and only Ben Paget and beefyness on 


the drums that glues everything together from Gut Brackenbury hounds have become an unstoppable force in the UK metal scene. 


As an avid listener to Hounds from day 1, these boys have created something something really special and I can't wait to see what comes next. 


I give "we burn our bridges" a rating of 9/10. Definitely not one to miss. 


It comes out on Friday the 21st July on all streaming platforms. 

Spotify pre-save - https://tr.ee/o9ElTd7hqP



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